Survey Record

Does your Society have goals and/or measurable objectives that guide establishment of programsYes
If so, please provide a short descriptionEach program must have SMART goals that align with our strategic plan.
What is the name of your society?American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
What is the name of your society's diversity-related program or activity?ASPET Mentoring Network
Please provide a link to description of the program if it still ongoing or only recently ended:
What year did the program start? (YYYY):2016
What year did the program end, if not ongoing (YYYY):ongoing
If the program is not continuing, why not?N/A
Target populationGrad, Postdoc
If other, please specify:
Brief description of the program:The ASPET Mentoring Network: Coaching for Career Development is a program designed to supplement the training that graduate students and postdoctoral trainees receive through their university programs for success in academia, industry, government, and policy careers.
What led you to the start the program?Society initiative for new innovative programming.
What is the theory or logic underlying the program design?Group career coaching model designed to provide support outside of traditional academic mentoring.
Is there a formal logic model? If so, please upload here.
What are the goals and measurable objectives of the program?Self-reported skills gained from participating; career outcomes; member retention; recommendation of program to others; satisfaction with experience
How many participants were/are there either annually or for a one-time event?24-36
Describe how the program was assessed/evaluated.Other
Please describe (other):I can only choose one answer above but it should be: surveys, interviews, participant tracking
What were the conclusions drawn from the evaluation?Our recently published paper is the best place to see these:
What challenges have been encountered?Scheduling conflicts for the monthly meetings (time zone differences); variation in participation levels
Is there any long-term outcome tracking of participants?Yes
If so, what is being tracked?Career outcomes, member retention
How has the program evolved over time?The in person programming has evolved to help "gel" the groups better and give them direction to carry forward into the monthly virtual meetings.
If you were to give advice to another group considering a program like this, what would you tell them?Make sure you check in regularly with all the participants to see how things are going. Develop a good mentor screening process.
How much did the program cost/year?About 25,0000
Where does funding for the program come from?Society funds plus a grant from Burroughs-Wellcome
Who are/were the primary individuals who contributed to the design and/or delivery of the program or activity?A mixture of staff, ASPET members, and collaborators. Susan Ingram, Catherine Fry, Dave Jewett, Rick McGee, Veronica Womack, Jan Clark
Are there any formal reports or publications that have come out of the program?Yes
If so, please upload here
or provide a link to where they reside
Who can be contacted for more information about the program?Catherine Fry